Influence Accelerator Coaching Cohort - “10% Bolder & Beyond”

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Exclusive Opportunity

An exclusive opportunity for a seat in an energizing 6-week Group Coaching | Master Class thoughtfully designed for a distinct pool of leaders.

As an Executive Coach for decades, I've observed talented individuals with bright ideas and sincere motives fail to gain the influence they deserve. In corporations, the first or loudest ideas often get heard and adopted. Fueled by insights from partnering with top leadership thinkers and by frustration watching this pattern, I researched to overturn the influence dynamic and empower those whose wisdom we need – to accelerate their influence and multiply their impact.

Have you...

  • Wondered why your great insights don't seem to get the attention they deserve?
  • Seen others get promoted or given projects when you are more qualified or deserving?
  • Felt that to have more influence you have to “be something you’re not?”
  • Watched other people’s ideas get heard and adopted, knowing your ideas are as good or better?
  • Known you have stellar ideas and invaluable contributions, yet you don’t have the influence you know is warranted?

If so, there is, in fact, a route to greater impact.

Through my research, I've identified crucial obstacles that prevent talented individuals from expressing themselves or taking bolder actions, in large part, ironically – because of their strengths. Fortunately, there are unique and strategic ways to exercise boldness while preserving authenticity.

This Coaching | Master Class is for you if you:

  • Want to tap into your authentic self to elevate your impact to the next level.
  • Are ready to adopt new strategies to infuse boldness into your ideas, ensuring they not only get heard but embraced and adopted.
  • Are eager to leverage untapped potential and more effectively enlist others.
  • Are committed to uncovering your unique version of boldness to make the imprint you desire.
  • Are hungry to transform your contributions from exceptional to truly influential.


Master Class Overview

  • 6 weeks - weekly group coaching sessions with a Master Coach.
  • 1-on-1 session with a Master Coach shaping your unique Influence Strategy.
  • 2 Assessment Tools & Debriefs - Assessing Strengths & Inhibitors.
  • Personalized Playbook for increasing your impact.
  • Weekly experiments for applying in your day-to-day world.
  • Community Forum - Coach + Peer accountability, cheering and encouragement. $1,850 Value

While this Coaching Master Class harnesses decades of tools and insights, it will be available as a Pilot because it features a unique design that incorporates the latest research insights. For a select group of early adopters who are committed to sharing their feedback and testimonials, this is offered at an extreme discount:

Regular Price - $1,850

80% off - Only $370 - with a written survey for feedback and testimonial
90% off - Only $185 - with written survey and 15-minute exit interview

WHO Qualifies?

Offering seats for a diverse mix of 6 to 8 participants who are:

  • Managers, Managers of Managers, or strong-performing individual contributors.
  • Male or female
  • In any industry, and any function
  • Ready for insightful breakthroughs
  • Internal to a company vs sole proprietor*

*Why people internal to a company?

My research is based on real-world situations inside organizations, so I’m looking for participants inside an org who will have real-time application opportunities in day-to-day meetings, projects, and group situations.

Leaders who fit the profile for this Influence Accelerator:

  • Are often smart, competent, observant, conscientious, and hold high standards.

They may ALSO fit one or more of the following:

  • Value humility
  • Naturally analytical or introverted
  • Under-represented in their team or the org (gender, personality, culture, etc.)
  • Have a strong commitment to collaboration and/or the greater good

The Commitment

  • Weekly 75-minute Group Coaching sessions (via Zoom)
  • 60 minutes per week on your own applying new tools or experiments
  • Virtual check-ins with peer/s in the cohort
  • Prep Kit prior to Master Coach 1:1 Session

The Timing

  • Target Start Date: Feb 2 - March 15 (6 weeks)


Why are you deeply discounting seats? -- eliminating most of the cost?
My mission is to equip, inspire, and connect leaders who will use their influence for good. Too often I’ve seen the brightest and most qualified people who have the best insights and the right motives - not having the influence they could or ought to have.

My 2024 New Year Resolution is to provide an experience to a group of thoughtful individuals who want to expand their influence and impact at work.

*This is part of a research project I’m conducting – any insights from cohort members will only be shared with permission

Influence Accelerator Coaching Cohort
“10% Bolder & Beyond”

Compelling Content, Coaching and Community

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About Your Master Coach,
Christy Tonge

Christy is a strategically oriented, high-energy, and thoughtful executive coach, facilitator, speaker, and culture strategist.

Beyond her work as a coach and consultant, Christy is a passionate founder & producer of the Leaders Get Real podcast, where she enjoys hosting guests from iconic thought leaders and best-selling authors to fresh voices from outside the traditional leadership arena, to inspirational executives "in the trenches.” Their wisdom, lessons learned, and authentic stories enable listeners to become the leaders they aim to be. Christy founded Leaders Get Real after journeying as a coach with hundreds of leaders who dared to pursue authenticity and discover deeper impact. Her podcast grew from a vision to bring honest conversations about leadership to a broader circle to equip and inspire. 

Her coaching and consulting clients include:

LinkedIn, Visa, Yahoo!, Disney,, Brocade, PG&E, Lucasfilm, Gilead, Charles Schwab, Dropbox and Dolby.

Christy offers extensive experience in Culture, Leadership and Change, Teams, Authentic Leadership Communication, Executive Presence, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). She is passionate about partnering with organizations to reinvent leadership and purposeful company culture. Christy is also a Master Certified TILT™ Practitioner. Christy believes that taking one’s leadership to the next level is an “inside-out” process. Her work with leaders is both reflective and results oriented. Christy is energized by helping leaders combine character strengths, competence, and personal connection for greater impact.

Learn more about and connect with Christy on LinkedIn:

Influence Accelerator Coaching Cohort
“10% Bolder & Beyond”

Compelling Content, Coaching and Community

For questions, email: