Culture Matters!

Peter Drucker said it well when he said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast"...and product brilliance for lunch, and so on.  I'm a business strategist...and a product developer, but neither can outdo the lasting competitive advantage of purposeful culture. And why am I passionate about authentic leadership?...because it's the core ingredient to building a conscious culture of shared values, inclusion, and engagement that can persist through any downturn, generating innovation through adversity and loyalty through any challenge.

Christy Tonge
Head of Culture First
SF Bay Area Community

Putting Culture First
I'm so exhilarated to have found "my tribe" at Culture First, a circle of "people geeks" who believe that a better world of work is possible, and know that the data shows culture first companies will outperform the rest. Culture First is a global web of local communities-of-practice where you can share and learn, connect and grow. Whatever your role, whether CEO or intern, you can join together with likeminded culture builders near you and join a movement that's changing the world of work, and beyond.

Hear Culture Amp CEO & Co-Founder
Didier Elzinga (2 min)

Clicks and Mortar - Passion Driven Growth  || Dave Pottruck & Terry Pearce
My passion for Culture grew  when I had the Lead Designer role to turn then Charles Schwab CEO Dave Pottruck & Author Terry Pearce's book into executive development on how to cascade purposeful culture across a fast-growing company. Good stuff in here.

Concious Business - How to Build Value With Values ||  Fred Kofman Ph.D
Fred is one of the wisest thought leaders of our day. His book on how to build value through values is a bedrock piece in the culture landscape.

How to Build a Real Culture of Inclusion That Delivers Results  || Cynthia Owyoung
The sub-title of this book by Cynthia Owyoung, VP of Inclusion, Equity & Belonging at Robinhood, says it all. Find insightful strategies & practical take-aways throughout from this experienced practitioner.

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Building a
Great Culture, including an article by
Adam Grant (I'm a fan) on "How to Build a Culture of Originality". A goldmine of articles not to be missed.

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