Marshall Goldsmith is a world-renowned business educator and coach and leading expert in his field. His distinct ability to get results for top leaders has enabled over 150 CEOs, including the CEO of Ford Motor Company and the President of the World Bank, to achieve impactful change with his coaching

Marshall has authored 39 books, including NYTimes #1 best-sellers, Triggers: Creating Behavior Change That Lasts—Becoming the Person You Want to Be and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. He has been awarded America's #1 Executive Coach by INC and the World's Most Influential Leadership Thinker by Thinkers 50. In In this episode, Marshall shares how to achieve lasting habit change for becoming the person we aim to be. He’s honest, he’s upbeat, and he’s deeply insightful.


6 Leadership Tips from Ford CEO Alan Mulally 

It’s no wonder Ford Motor company went from economic distress to glowing profitability under Alan Mulally’s watch. He was warm-hearted and authentic, but he was also disciplined in putting systems in place to succeed in making hard changes. Hear Marshall describe his client in this episode, and see 6 Leadership Tips from Alan in this article.

Everyone Getting Better, Every Day

Marshall shares the powerful example of CEO Hubert Joly, his client who has installed a system at Best Buy where everyone in the company is clear on something in which they can improve. Talk to anyone and say, “What do you want to get better at?”...”You’ll hear, ‘My name is Pat and I want to be a better listener’.” When everyone in the company is getting better...that’s competitive advantage.

The Factors that Influence Overall HAPPINESS

Marshall and his daughter Kelly Goldsmith (PhD & Vanderbilt professor), collaborated on a survey of several thousand adults to uncover exactly what factors influence overall happiness. What they found? It has everything to do with where you point the finger when your attitude needs an improvement.
Download the article and survey results.

Up Your Game with Daily Questions

A cornerstone of Marshall's coaching practice, and a centerpiece of his book Triggers, is the 6-question practice. To support your own daily habit of asking yourself the right questions, try using this app for consistency and accountability.

Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto shows the simple 
yet powerful result of adding structured accountability 
to what you do, citing it in 
Marshall's own book, Triggers..

Marshall cites How Women Rise as
a source of inspiration for making permanent, healthy change

One of Marshall's enduringly popular titles is What Got You Here Won't Get You There.  Marshall and Christy discuss the importance of personal "adult growth spurts" to address life's ever-changing challenges.

Moving from Feedback to Feed Forward

Marshall mentions the concept of "feed forward instead of feedback." This article explains how you can keep the focus of peer input on learning to be right rather than showing you were wrong. 

What's Your Mission?

Marshall, like many others, cites Peter Drucker as a foundational influence. He remembers Drucker telling him, "Our mission in life is to make a difference, not to prove how smart we are." To read about Peter Drucker's influence on organizations of all types, check out the Drucker Institute website.

"My mission is simple. I want to help successful people achieve positive, lasting change in behavior."

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