• Guest: Gary Ware

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Leadership Lessons with Ted Lasso - Taking the High Road
w/ Guest: Gary Ware

Gary Ware is the Author of the acclaimed Playful Rebellion: Maximize Workplace Success Through the Power of Play. Gary is a keynote speaker, a certified coach, and an improv guy with a decade of experience performing improv theater. He's a leadership and team facilitator.

Following years of burnout climbing the corporate ladder, in pursuit of an outdated, impersonal, and cookie-cutter "dream," Gary Ware now works with young-and young at heart-professionals to help them incorporate play into their lives and experience how it can improve every part of living, from confidence and energy to attitude and creativity.

Playful Rebellion will help you discover how to find joy and wonder in the mundane again, and how to use the superpowers hidden within yourself. You'll learn the steps to become a Play Rebel, and the advantages of being one, from satisfying our deepest emotional needs to getting through that boring Zoom meeting.

Connect with and learn more about Gary at BreakThroughPlay.com. Amazon: Playful Rebellion


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